When Kazi and Nicey Whitfield relocated from North Carolina to Arizona years ago, they never would have believed that they would become the owners of the most recognized soul food truck in Arizona. From the humble beginnings of cooking for church functions and catering private events, Mr. and Mrs. Whitfield have raised the bar for scratch-made soul food here in The Valley.

Whitty's Chicken and Fish is arguably the best soul food truck in Arizona. This devout couple attributes their success to a supportive food truck community. Additionally, they ascribe to keeping their menu simple yet tastefully prepared for their ever-increasing fan base.


Eating A2Z spent a few hours talking with the owners, snapping a few pics and, much to our delight, tasting the goods. It did not disappoint. Eating A2Z food stylist and photographer Mariah Wood struggled to present the food in the best light while anticipating the taste. We've tasted fried catfish numerous times from numerous vendors. Whitty's fried fish was perfectly seasoned, perfectly cooked and, unlike most catfish, no muddy taste. The cornmeal coating acted as a perfect compliment to the flaky white fish. The flavors of everything down home in southern food were present. The wings were hot, crispy and excellent. The breading had just the right amount of seasoning. The macaroni and cheese was what I grew up on, seasoned, creamy sauce, chewy pasta, and plenty of cheese. Of course we could not leave without having the fan favorite banana pudding. DELECTABLE.

Can you tell we can't wait to return?

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